December 2016 SprezzaBox Review

Introducing you to the amazing SprezzaBox. We haven’t received any other subscription boxes with the same Wow! factor that SprezzaBox provides. For only $28/month they guarantee over $100 worth of products! My husband received his first box this month which totaled a whopping $147 in value! He was very impressed with the products and even wore the socks the next day. 🙂 That’s one excited hubby! So here’s what he got: december-2016-sprezza-box-4

  1. Knots Apparel Co. Necktie- $70.00
  2. Salt and Dapper Pocket Square- $29.00
  3. Four Fifty Five Socks- $15.00
  4. Kiko Leather Cord Holder- $15.00*
  5. SPREZZA Credit Card Multi-Tool- $10.00
  6. Classic Pocket Flask- $8.00

*Used for holding headphone cords to prevent tangling, for example.

There’s no contract to join, and if you have a man in your life who loves fashion and accessories then look no further. Keep your budget while looking like a king. Definitely a must-keep for my husband!

November 2016 PinchMe Sample Box

First off, let me introduce you to one of my favorite boxes to arrive monthly. Why? Because everything that I receive is 100% FREE!!!! Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-up for your account here.
  2. Fill out your profile. Be honest about your family’s preferences. These questionnaires are how they tailor samples to their PinchMe subscribers.
  3. Check the homepage to see when the next Sample Tuesday is set to happen.  (Samples are distributed one Tuesday a month at 12:00 EST.)
  4. At 11:55 on sample Tuesday, log into your account to wait for samples.
  5. Claim your samples! Samples got fast, and the website can move really slow. Be patient… Trust me, I know, easier said than done.
  6. Wait for your box. On average it takes 2-4 weeks to receive your box, and from experience I usually receive my box AFTER the next sample Tuesday.
  7. Try out the samples you chose.
  8. REVIEW! This is the most important part in securing future samples. Review your samples on PinchMe’s website per their specifications.

Samples (from left to right): Purina One Tender Select Bites Cat Food, Hunt’s Recipe Ready Tomato Paste and Scotch Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloth 

Purina brand pet foods are definitely a preferred brand, and I always love trying their new products. This food comes with dehydrated bites of meat my kitties just love!

2 tablespoon portions of Hunt’s tomato paste might just be ingenious. I can’t tell you how many cans I’ve thrown away that are still more than half full. We eat Italian food approximately once a day, sometimes more, and this is a game changer.

Finally, a product to make the nurse in me VERY happy. My husband, who is the main one to clean the kitchen, prefers sponges because they scrub best. Sponges are gross. I throw them out all the time because they bother me to my core. This dish cloth is the best of both worlds. The scrubbing side acts like a scrubbing sponge, and the soft side is like a standard wash cloth. What is the best part? You can wash it in your washing machine! 🙂

All very useful samples this month!

These samples were provided by PinchMe for free for review purposes. The above opinions are mine alone and do not reflect the opinions of PinchMe or the specific brands.

December 2016 BarkBox Review

Hayden loves getting BarkBoxes, and we love not having to shop for toys, chews and treats. He always has new and different treats and toys. For December they sent a Lodge Life themed box straight from the slopes. Hayden wasn’t able to wait before digging in. december-2016-barkbox-1When we adopted Hayden, we enrolled in BarkBox’s one year subscription priced at $20/month. They were even running a special to get an additional month free.

I’m continually impressed by the value of their boxes. Each month I’ll post a review which includes the breakdown of favorite items and the value breakdown of the box. Disclaimer: every dog gets a slightly different assortment so the actual value of your box may vary.

  • Hugo’s Hot Cocoa-  $14.00
  • Britta’s Boot- $10.00
  • Dynamo Beef Chew- $4.00
  • PureBites Freeze Dried Lam Liver Treats- $8.99
  • Grandma Bowser’s Pumpkin Pie Biscuits- $4.95

That’s a grand total of $41.94 worth of products! Double what we paid! I call that a win. Hugo’s Hot Cocoa was the family favorite. Hayden loves the mug and our kitties love the removable marshmallows which has traveled around our home freely. december-2016-barkbox-2