The Versatility of Lavender Essential Oil

First and foremost, it is important to note the differences between Lavender and Lavandin. Lavender essential oil is a powerful oil with many benefits, which we will cover shortly. Lavandin, however, is a hybrid with a much more pungent aroma. Unlike Lavender, Lavandin is distilled in a manner that combines it with synthetic linalyl acetate to improve the fragrance before being marketed as Lavender Oil. Lavandin is a cheap knock-off without any of the same benefits. In fact, I get migraines from cheap “Lavender essential oils” when Young Living Lavender Essential Oil has a relaxing and soothing effect to help ease my migraines.

How do you tell the difference? The easiest way is price. If it costs less that $20 for 15ml, you’re buying a knock-off. Also, read the label. Reading the label doesn’t always do the trick because there are plenty of companies that only list “100% Pure Lavender Oil” on the bottle, but the oil only costs $5 and one whiff makes my head hurt. Everything that follows is based on Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil only. I do not recommend any other brand.

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Now for the fun part, playing with oils! ūüėÄ

Lavender is amazing for all things relating to your skin. Everything from pimples to eczema to scars and stretchmarks can be treated with Lavender. Lavender is so gentle, I typically apply it neat (undiluted) directly to what needs treated. The reduction in scars has impressed me the most because its greatly improved the appearance of scars long after I got them and gave up on Mederma EVER working.

Burns. Nobody likes them, and how do you treat them anyway? Lavender, of course! Every time I, or someone I know, ends up treating a burn with Lavender I am shocked, again, at the remarkable results. Most recently, my husband had turned on the wrong eye on our flat top stove. The eye he turned on had a metal spoon with a metal and rubber handle resting on the center of the eye. Not realizing that the eye had started to melt the rubber on the handle, he picked it up. The rubber adhered to his skin almost instantly. I spent what felt like an eternity scrubbing the rubber off his fingers and palm under cool water. Once all the rubber was gone we found the burn already blistering. But I had seen the wonders Lavender works on burns before, and I applied a few drops to the blisters. Within 24 hours of grabbing the melted rubber handle, the blisters and redness were gone. The skin was still tender to the touch, but even that subsided within 48 hours. He’s ended up without a scar at all. The results are surreal, and bewilder me every single time. I also LOVE, love, love, love using¬†LavaDerm Cooling Mist¬†to treat sunburns. The combination of aloe vera, Lavender and¬†Helichrysum soothes, treats and relieves the pain of even blistering sunburns.

Sleep is a funny thing to master, especially when you work night shift. I have no shame in admitting that I take a sleep aid from time to time, but in between 12-hour shifts I didn’t have that luxury. Lavender has become a sleep aid for me. It’s calming aroma helps calm the mind, ease anxiety and tension to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep. Lavender can be applied either to the bottom of the feet (1-3 drops will do the trick), or you can add 6-10 drops to a bath with epsom salts before bed.

The use of Lavender to improve mood and mental acuity has also been studied. Simply inhaling the aroma of Lavender can decrease depression, improve concentration and cognitive performance according to a study by the University of Miami. For this reason, Lavender is a great option to diffuse in your home or office.

I hope you’ve learned about a new way to use Lavender in your life. It’s certainly one of my top 5 most used essential oils.

The statements in this blog are based solely on my experience and are not a substitute for professional medical treatment. This is not advice specific for you, simply what has worked for me. 

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