What Did I Just Pay For?

April is all about essential oils here at My Royally Cheap Life! I’m excited to share my journey with essential oils with you all. Truly, it is an investment that has saved my family money in the long run, improved our quality of life and greatly reduced the number of chemicals we use in our house. However, my first experience did NOT leave me feeling warm and fuzzy towards these oils.

Due to chronic pain, specifically chronic muscle problems, I have been seeing physical therapists or massage therapists regularly since I was 10 years old. Once I was 18, I bought some Groupon vouchers for a massage therapy business to give myself a few extra massages. Well, they were AMAZING!

This new therapist quickly became my regular therapist. After I had been a regular for a few months they started telling me about a special type of massage, Raindrop Massage, offered by another therapist in the practice. They really thought this type of massage would be beneficial for me. It took a few months to finally convince me to book a Raindrop Massage.

I went in not having a clue what to expect. I asked lots of questions as the therapist applied one essential oil after the other along my spine and along the spinal reflexes on my feet. (Side note- I typically get DEEP tissue massages. Most therapists think I’m bluffing with how hard I tell them to dig on my muscles until I keep telling them to increase pressure.) The therapist used their fingers to brush out the oils, but there was never really a massage, per se.

When my hour was up, I walked out wondering what on Earth I had just spent that much money on. Honestly, I felt sorta sick about wasting that much money. I certainly didn’t feel any better than when I went in, if anything, I felt worse.

By the time I got back home to my parents’ house mid-afternoon, I collapsed into bed. I felt sick. I napped for hours. When I woke up, the sick feeling was subsiding. Within a few hours I started getting muscle spasms in my back. Horrible muscle spasms that stretching has ZERO effect on. Finally, it dawned on my that I had barely drunk anything since my “massage.” Bless my dad, he went out to the store at midnight to get me Gatorade. By the time I finished the first bottle my spasms were easing.

Waking up the next morning, I felt so much better. My muscles had relaxed, the muscle knots were reduced, I had more energy and I’d slept like a baby! Over the next 24 hours I continued to improve. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad investment after all?

The essential oils used for Raindrop Massages help kill bacteria and viruses living along your spine, reduce inflammation, encourage spinal alignment, balance your energy and rid your body of toxins. By not flushing my system, all the toxins were stuck. The few times since that I’ve forgotten to drink adequately, the spasms start, but are always relieved with a bottle of water.

Raindrop Massages have become a regular part of my wellness routine, and are definitely what started me down the path to Young Living Essential Oils. Routine Raindrop Massages have helped me bolster my immune system, fight off viruses, eliminate my need for muscle relaxers and improve my overall quality of life. When I miss a massage, I can tell a difference in how my body feels, and my ability to avoid getting sick.

I can’t wait to share more about my journey to the oily life with you! If you want to dive in you can buy the Premium Starter Kit, here.

The statements in this blog are based solely on my experience and are not a substitute for professional medical treatment. This is not advice specific for you, simply what has worked for me. 

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