Back in Action

On June 1st I had a doctor’s appointment with my podiatrist. After seven months of intensive treatment for plantar fasciitis in both of my feet, he told me I need surgery. Seven months of physical therapy, overpriced shoes, orthotics and 3 rounds of steroid injections had failed. I spent the month of June trying one final, expensive form of torture called dry needling. While all the treatments helped some they didn’t fix the problem, and after a couple days back at work I would be in just as much pain.

On July 25th, I had a bilateral endoscopic plantar fasciotomy. I’ve been slowly regaining stamina, and I’m so close to ditching the walker! I’m 3 weeks out now, feeling more normal everyday. The plantar fasciitis pain is gone! Thank the Lord! Now comes the patience of slowly healing.

Between finding out I needed surgery and having surgery I was in major preparation mode. I made loads of freezer meals and a few treats in between cleaning and shopping. While I didn’t share my projects with you then, I’m going to now! I hate that I dropped of the face off the Earth, but I can’t wait to dive back in!


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