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In full disclosure, cutting cable is NOT new to me and my husband. In fact, since my first apartment stopped providing free basic cable, I haven’t had cable. I waste just as much time now watching TV. The upside? I watch what I want, when I want! I typically get to skip the commercials – more on that later. Plus! I only spend between $52.88-$65.98 per month to watch everything I want!! (Costs vary based on what we use that month.)

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • High Speed Internet – $41.97
  • CBS All Access (commercial-free plan) – $10.91
  • Netflix DVD – $13.10

The best deal we found on internet was 30 Mbps for $41.97/month. This allows us to stream HD video feed through our Roku (streaming device) while still using internet on our phones or tablet. Admittedly, there is an up-front investment, but once you have the basics your monthly cost is as customizable as you and your budget. This is where you need to start:

  1. Find an affordable internet plan with a speed of at least 12 Mbps.
  2. Buy a quality digital antenna. We’ve had this one for 3 years, and my parents bought one when they ditched cable. These have great signal! Mohu Leaf now offers 30-mile and 50-mile range antennas.
  3. Buy a Roku or other streaming device. (Chromecast & Amazon Fire Stick would work just as well. With Roku Stick, Roku 3 & Roku Premiere you are sure to find an option in your budget.)
  4. Subscribe to the channels you want! (I’ve listed some of the most popular below.)
    1. Netflix – $9.99 (The Standard plan allows you to watch on 2 screens which makes it perfect to split with another family. Set up separate profiles and, viola! It’s like you have your own account!)
    2. Hulu Plus – $7.99 & up (If you want to stream from a channel on your device, then you’ll need to pay for a plan. Click here to receive your first 2 weeks, FREE! However, we recently ditched Hulu Plus in an effort to save even more. Buy an HDMI Cable, like this one from Amazon Basics, for less than one month of Hulu. Simply plug your laptop into the TV and go! Hello savings!)
    3. CBS All Access – $5.99 & up (For our favorites like NCIS, NCIS New Orleans and The Big Bang Theory, this is a must on our list. We even splurge for the commercial free plan. They offer a free trial too!)
    4. Sling TV –  $20.00 & up (Not willing to part with The Food Network, History Channel or ESPN? This is the option for you! They have highly-customizable options with over 150 available channels. Some have on-demand viewing, but other are live-stream only. Olympics? Sounds like a great time to subscribe for one month. You can come and go as you please. Don’t pay for TV if you’re not going to use it.)
    5. Netflix DVD – $4.99 & up (Here’s another one of my favorites, but we only subscribe once we have a list of movies to catch up on. We subscribe to the $11.99/month plan. This allows us to watch 2 movies a weekend, mail them back on Monday and have new movie to watch by Thursday or Friday, all month long. On average we do watch 8 movies a month when we are subscribing. The total for that plan is equal to renting 8 movies on Redbox. The big exception? We don’t have to remember to take the movie back or make an extra trip, we can plan out all the movies for the month at one time AND they get delivered and picked up from the mailbox! If we forget to mail them back on Monday? We don’t get charged extra, and we still have movies in by the weekend. Return 2 DVDs a day late with Redbox and you’ve paid for half a month… I recommend thinking long and hard about this one, but remember you can cancel temporarily until there are more new movies to watch!)

Now you know what you need to go cable-free! Trust me, you’ll like being the one at work giggling when your co-workers are talking about their $200+ cable/internet bill. Don’t spend any more than you have to!


This blog contains affiliate links from which I may receive monetary compensation. I assure you that I only recommend the products I use, personally, for me and my family. Full disclosure policy here.

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