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When I still lived with my parents I tried my hand at growing a few things, but they all died… Now, after some small successes last year with our first flower bed, we are expanding our endeavors!

This is what the front of our house looked like when we moved in…


Please not the dead bush & dead plant in the Halloween cauldron… 

Last year was our first year in this house. We spent the majority of our time cleaning up the mess left behind, and removing dead bushes… However, we did plant the small bed with a variety of day lilies in front of the ramp. This year, however, has been full of plants. Some of our plants are just aesthetically pleasing as I love flowers and color, but we have also planted quite a few edible items!!

With all the dead stuff cleared out we took to preparing new beds. The first order of business was to extend our front flower bed the length of the house. Tilling soil by hand is not for the weak or weary. Even in March we shed some serious sweat! But after it was all said and done we planted a lilac bush, a forsenthia bush, hostas, begonias and dahlias!


While perusing the garden center I found a half-price greenhouse that would fit on our back deck. I am a huge fan of convenience, and if I have to be inconvenienced very much then the plants are gonna die. I’m just being honest. Plus, I’m more of a water-when-reminded gardener meaning the plant usually has to remind me. We chose our favorite items to grow. The plants that we are least likely to waste perfectly good produce from, and that we spend money buying already. Here’s what’s in the greenhouse: basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and jalapeños (the latter was bough at the farmer’s market).


Also on our deck, a myer’s lemon tree and pineapple plant. The lemon tree was a must-have after discovering my husband’s addiction to lemon cookies was worse than expected, and the pineapple plant was an impulse buy. Further research on said pineapple plant? This may be the only pineapple plant we EVER grow! It can take 2 years for one pineapple to grow. I’m just not sure I’m that patient. We may only have one every-other year, only time will tell.

Then!! In the corner from the famous bush battle, we tilled a garden to house sweet corn, green beans and pumpkins (jack’o lantern type pumpkins). We fenced it off with PVC pipe and wire. It was about a $30 project to make our own garden fence. On the outside of the fence we planted 2 blueberry bushes and a blackberry bush. *Blueberry bushes need to be planted in pairs for cross-pollination.* I hope to make loads of blackberry jam and blueberry crumble bars in years to come. As for this year, I think the few berries will just make a good snack.


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