Really? Could it be? My very own mulberry tree!

The last month or more has been full of yard work. Cleaning up, planting a garden and planting some of my favorite flowers. I tend to get most of my baking done on the weekend, and hubby likes to spend the weekends outdoors. After finishing some huge projects he was getting antsy for something else to do. He decided to make clearing out the fence line on the far side of the house his next project.

Over dinner hubby started asking me questions about what these berries could be. He’d taken some pictures, but I just couldn’t tell. When I ventured out to see what they were, I was delighted to see mulberries!! Further research of this particular tree shows that it is a white mulberry tree. They aren’t as sweet or dark as a red mulberry tree, but they are still recommended for jams!!

**Update: A few berries were ripe enough to try, and they are still VERY yummy. Albeit not as wonderful as the red mulberry tree, but they will fill the void in my life just fine.

I can’t wait to try my hand at canning some mulberry jam this summer!


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