Keurig Tune-Up

If you have had a Keurig longer than a year then you’ve witnessed, first hand, you’re cups of coffee shrinking. No it wasn’t your imagination! Hard water build up causes your coffee to taste different AND reduces the amount of coffee you get from each brew. Keurig is very aware of this fact and will sell you some fancy de-scaler for $10/bottle. Spoiler: the bottle is enough to clean your Keurig just once.


I’ve told you before that there are better cleaning options out there that won’t break the bank. Vinegar tops that list with it’s infinite uses. As luck would have it, vinegar does a wonderful job of cleaning your Keurig. Yay! For $2.50 you can buy 1 gallon of store-brand vinegar (don’t buy a name brand, it’s vinegar, you can’t really screw it up). That’s enough to clean your Keurig at least 5 times. Would you rather clean it for $10 or $0.50? Now lets go through the step-by-step.

  1. Empty any remaining water out of the reservoir.
  2. Fill the reservoir with vinegar to the fill-line.
  3. Run 2 large cup cycles with vinegar only.
  4. Let your Keurig sit for 30 minutes with the vinegar in the machine.
  5. Run the remaining vinegar through on the large cycle.
  6. When the Keurig says “Add more water”, clean the reservoir with soap and water before refilling with water.
  7. Rinse the Keurig with 2 reservoir-fulls of water. (It is very important to use 2 full reservoirs worth of water to rinse out the vinegar. Vinegar-water brewed coffee just ain’t right! Seriously… Trust me on this one!)
  8. Enjoy full brewing capacity and better tasting coffee once-again!


My husband makes a cup of coffee every morning, but generally just the one cup for the day. We do this cleaning cycle about every 6 months because that is when the brew volume starts to decrease.

Also, we have tried the Keurig brand de-scaler. We did not find it’s results to last as long, and it has an unbelievable amount of chemicals in it.


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