Homemade Butter

Making your own butter isn’t just for the off-the-grid homesteaders or Amish. Making your own butter is actually quick, easy and CHEAP! I honestly don’t understand why butter costs so much at the store. Depending on the brand its $4.00-$5.00 per pound; store brand is even $3.00 per pound, on “sale”.  You’re 20 minutes away from having both 1 pound of butter and 1 pint of buttermilk for $3.75!

*I highly recommend using a stand mixer, but a hand mixer would work too. *

Directions are based on a Kitchen-aid mixer.

What you need:

1 quart of Heavy Whipping Cream

1. Pour heavy whipping cream into mixing bowl.  Place the cover over the bowl and drape a towel over the back of the mixer. Mix on speed 6 for 2 minutes. This is to thicken up cream before you increase the speed lest you splash cream all over the kitchen. IMG_1429

2. Increase the speed to 8 for 2 more minutes. After 2 minutes you will have whipped cream. IMG_1431



Cover the pouring spout before increasing the speed.

3. Increase speed to 10 for 6-7 minutes. Stop the mixer when you start noticing lots of splashing. This means the fat has separated and you have butter and buttermilk. This is what it will look like:


4. Take the bowl out. Get the remaining curds out of the whisk. Use a spoon (I’ve found a wooden spoon to work best.) to paddle or smash together the curds. You want to start smashing the butter into a big ball to separate out the buttermilk. IMG_1434

5. Start pouring off some of the buttermilk. Use a strainer to catch any curds. Alternate smashing together the butter and pouring off buttermilk until you have about 2 cups of buttermilk. You’re ready to wash your butter when it is nearly solid.

6. Washing your butter. Yes, you’re about to wash butter and here’s why! Remaining buttermilk will cause your butter to spoil. Using cold water, pour about a cup of water over your butter. Smash your butter around, fold it, mash out air pockets, pour off the water and repeat until the water pours off clear. Once the water pours off clear, your butter is ready to enjoy! IMG_1437

Royally Cheap Tip: Buttermilk will keep beautifully in the freezer until you are ready to use it. I like to measure it out and freeze it. Put it down in the fridge to thaw. Freezing does cause the fats to separate; simply shake thoroughly before using. (Try using it in this amazing Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe – coming soon!)


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