Chicken Taquitos- Freezer Friendly

One of the best ways to rein-in spending and stick to a budget is brown-bagging your lunch! My husband gets tired of taking the same few items again and again. During my last freezer meal cook-a-thon I tried out a new recipe for Chicken Taquitos. Hubby ate both meals in the first week. I'd say … Continue reading Chicken Taquitos- Freezer Friendly


Homemade Butter

Making your own butter isn't just for the off-the-grid homesteaders or Amish. Making your own butter is actually quick, easy and CHEAP! I honestly don't understand why butter costs so much at the store. Depending on the brand its $4.00-$5.00 per pound; store brand is even $3.00 per pound, on "sale".  You're 20 minutes away … Continue reading Homemade Butter